Batch Strength No. 008 encapsulates our unwavering commitment to crafting exclusively sherry-matured whisky, presenting a captivating deep natural copper hue and a complex flavour profile. With each Oloroso sherry cask carefully hand-selected, this expression delivers an exquisite and nuanced flavour, leaving a memorable and gratifying finish that embodies the essence of Speyside.

The rarity of this wood imparts Batch Strength 008 with a gorgeous copper glow and a magnificent taste. On the nose, dark, nutty layers of Spanish oak make way for the enticing scent of creamy vanilla and melting honeycomb. The first sip transports drinkers to a summer orchard, where sharp berries dance alongside sweet, candied lemon peel. The experience is completed with the long and elegant Tamdhu signature sherry oak finish, with hints of figs lingering on the palate

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